Spanish Healthcare - In Algorfa Spain

The Spanish hospitals are a victim of their own success and have noticed a significant rise in tourists turning up at hospitals for operations and special care. This is because of long waiting lists in other European Countries such as the UK. Patients are arriving on holiday with their European Health Card and hoping to be treated. The Spanish government is finding it difficult to claim back the costs from the persons Country causing financial problems for a previously smooth running health system. This has resulted in a clampdown and now no patient is treated without showing their NIE number or s.i.p card.

Most tourists are covered for basic treatment by their own travel insurance in cases of injury or illness during their stay.

For people who are staying in Spain for longer periods or have become resident the healthcare process is quite simple though there are simple procedures to complete.

If you are residing in Spain you will need to take your European Health Insurance Card, Passport, NIE number a copy of a utility bill and your property deeds to the local health centre in Almoradi.

At the health centre you will need to ask for a SIP health card. These are issued on the spot and will provide you with 3-6 months health cover in Spain. After the cover has expired you can renew the SIP card.

The staff and Doctors at the clinic in Almoradi do not speak English and you have to bring an interpreter with you. You will find many listed inside the doctor's in Algorfa or on the notice board in the Algorfa Ayuntamiento offering their services.

If you are a pensioner or on benefits then you will need to bring with you the E121 form and your Certificate of Residencia so that you can still get your prescriptions for free.

Residents who are working in employment and are paying National Insurance and Pension contributions are completely covered for health along with their children, but will still need to obtain sip cards.