Adult Day Care in Canada

What is Adult Day Care?
There are two types of adult daycare, social and medical and the purpose of both is that seniors have a place where they are cared for and have the opportunity to interact with other seniors during the day. In both social and medical settings, there are programs keep seniors motivated and energized. Seniors can be involved and engaged socially while being cared for in a safe and comfortable environment. The difference between social and medical care centres is that in a medical day care facility, healthcare professionals are present and available.

How Adult Day Care (Social) differs from Adult Day Health Care (Medical)
Facilities staffed with medical personnel are sometimes known as Adult Day Health Centres. A senior in an adult day health program generally requires that a physician complete a health assessment before they enter the program. The day health centre will usually include therapy according to the needs of those in the program such as physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy. The staff will include registered nurses and other healthcare professionals.

How would an Adult Day Program benefit my loved one?
Adult Day Care is also known as Adult Day-Programs, and they benefit elderly adults in several ways. For seniors in need of social stimulation there are activities that encourage and promote a social sense of well-being. Day Programs also provide assistance with various tasks that seniors or adults with disabilities may require. Having a loved one in a Day Program also allows the caregiver a break from the duties of taking care of a senior on a full time basis.

Benefits of Daytime Care Programs for Adults include
• Opportunities for clients to interact with others
• Support for families or caregivers of individuals in need of daily care
• Therapeutic, social and recreational programs
• Noon meal that usually has nutritional and dietary needs of clients in mind
• Hairdressing or barbering is sometimes provided
• Activities such as bowling, crafts, board games, pet visitors, shopping trips, bingo and more depending on the centre

The activities available depend upon the facility and it's important to do the research about the facility you are considering, in advance.
A few questions you might ask:
• What types of activities are provided?
• How many meals are included?
• What medical personnel are on staff? (Adult Day Health programs)
• Is transportation provided?
• What are the costs?

Who Pays for Adult Day Programs?
The costs for Day Care for Adults and programs vary by location, and the best place to start in determining the cost is to call the centre you are considering, or research online, or both.

As an example, if you are in the province of Alberta, the Alberta Health Services website is a good place to start with your research. Locate the service you are looking for on the AHS website, and then search for your city. In Alberta, Adult Day Care services are also known as Adult Day Support Programs (ADSP) and the ADSPs are available to adults over age 18 and in need of physical care or are living with a long-term illness. The fees for this program are dependent upon the income of the individual and the AHS department of government funds some Day Care facilities for Adults.

In the Province of Ontario the fees for Adult Day Services may be partially paid or subsidized by the Ontario government and details are available upon application or inquiry into a specific facility.

Growing awareness of the need for Adult Day Programs
The concept of Day Care for Adults is still relatively new in our society but with the baby boomers approaching retirement age, the demand will continue to grow. Seniors living alone or with family members need to have motivation and purpose, and the intent of the ADC program is to provide exactly that. The benefits are great to both the senior and the caregiver in providing our loved ones with inspiration and a social environment plus providing the caregiver a needed respite from the demands of caring for a senior on a full time basis.

As ADC facilities are emerging, governments are investing and providing subsidies and funding. Colleges are offering degrees in senior care, leisure activities and recreation. The future is changing with the needs of our society and it seems that quality care in the form of Day Programs for Adults is an emerging opportunity for the fields of education and business.