Aikido For Health Development

How can You use the art of Aikido to develop your health, and is it possible to improve your level of Aikido skill simply by using Aikido techniques? Yes, and you can achieve it fast!


By taking your regular Aikido training skills into your daily life. If you are a beginner, a seasoned student, or even an experienced instructor, you can use Aikido for health skills to greatly benefit other people... and you should!

When we start something new, one of our strongest needs is to fit in with the group. So, we tend to learn, quite quickly, the skills required to blend in and avoid standing out from the crowd.

If you do this, you'll soon realise that developing technical skills in Aikido is a very slow process. Many Aikido students have experienced the aggravation and frustration of one step forward and two steps back in their training. In actual fact, this often goes on for weeks, months, or even years.

You are a truly unique individual, one of a kind, so the last thing you should be doing is trying to fit in. In fact you should aim to shine, stand out from the crowd, then go on to motivate and inspire others to do the same. This way we all reach our dreams, desires and life goals in the fastest possible time.

By studying exactly how to balance your energy centres with Aiki exercises, Aiki principles, and Aikido techniques you can step onto the fast-track, improve your skills quickly, and help other people achieve their goals.

But, just a moment...

Aikido is a martial art that develops discipline, combat skills, and self defence... isn't it? Yes, of course, these are some of the most important factors involved with the art, but not the essence of it!

Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido, developed the art as a way or path that leads to harmony, peace and happiness. In actual fact, the ultimate aim is world peace for all people on the planet.

This will never be achieved by practising a couple of times a week, in a dojo. You have to take the aikido for health principles into your daily life and help all of the people around you.